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IMSI Treatments

IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection)

What IMSI Infertility Treatment?

IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection) is another reproductive method that is widely practiced across the globe. In this technique, the specialist selects the best quality sperm and injects it into the egg of a female partner to enhance the chance of implantation. At Vansh test tube center, we provide the best IMSI Treatment in Patna to treat infertility with a success rate. Because we select those sperms which are best in shape and size, the rate of pregnancy after IMSI treatment gets increased.

At our clinic, we provide IMSI treatment at an affordable cost because we want to see the smiling face of couples who visit our clinic. Our only intension is to help struggling couples to have their baby. However, IMSI is very similar to ICSI but the main difference about this technique is its results are better and it is faster than ICSI. Also, at Vansh test tube clinic, we provide an affordable test tube baby in Patna, Bihar along with the IMSI procedure.

Who Might Get Benefited From IMSI Treatment?

IMSI infertility treatment has a high chance of successful implantation and lesser chances of miscarriage. However, IMSI treatment is popular in couples who have unexplained infertility, but other patients get benefited from this infertility treatment. Such as:

  • Those, whose sperm demonstrates increased spermatozoa and high DNA fragmentation, a condition which is known as oligoasthenospermia.
  • Those couples who have already suffered from two or more failure of ICSI or IVF infertility treatment
  • Patients with recurrent biochemical miscarriages/pregnancies or suffering from continuous IVF failures

What Is The Procedure Of IMSI Treatment?

At our IVF hospital in Patna, a complete IMSI procedure is performed under the guidance of highly skilled professionals. In this procedure, the expert collects quality eggs using a vaginal probe. After that, the eggs will be stored in a laboratory that is observed by the embryologist for any sign of fertilization. Once the eggs are fertilized, our doctors will transfer the embryo into the uterus of female to achieve a successful pregnancy.

IMSI fertility procedure also allows those males who have low or abnormal shaped sperms to help their partner conceive and have a baby. The rate of IMSI treatment gets increased after the embryo is implanted. This is the reason why couples prefer this infertility treatment over other techniques.

When IMSI Treatment Is Recommended?

Vansh test tube IVF clinic recommends IMSI treatment under some specific circumstances. The treatment is recommended to those couples whose male partner sperm counts are very less. Besides, this reproductive treatment is also advised when the previous results have been negative or the semen contains abnormal cells at a higher level.