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Hysteroscopy For Infertility

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that is used to diagnose and treat uterus problems. It is a surgical operation but a minimally invasive procedure which is used to remove some or all part of the uterus. Hysteroscope is a telescope-like device that is inserted into the uterus through the vagina. During the insertion process of the device, no incision or cutting is given in the cervix or vagina. At our IVF clinic, the image of the uterus is displayed on the screen and then the diagnosis is made according to that.

Conditions In Which Hysteroscopy Is Used

At Vansh test tube infertility clinic, we opt for Hysteroscopy treatment when the female experiences certain types of symptoms. Our surgeon decides to examine the uterine cavity to reduce the possibility of risk to the health of females or when there is a requirement of major surgery. Generally, the hysteroscopy process is used to find out the reasons for abnormal uterine bleeding. Below are some conditions when we suggest the use of Hysteroscopy:

  • When there is excessive or postmenopausal bleeding
  • To find and eliminate IUCD which is embedded in the uterus
  • Diagnose the reason behind continuous miscarriage
  • Diagnose and treat uterine malformations
  • To find out the causes of infertility problem

What Is The Procedure Of Hysteroscopy?

At Vansh test tube clinic, hysteroscopy is performed under the guidance of professionals. It is a few hours procedure and the patient will get discharged on the same day. In order to relax patients and feel easy, we give medication before starting the hysteroscopy process. Doctors may give anesthesia according to the nature of the operation. Generally, the procedure takes 10-30 minutes no incisions are made.

However the process is not painful but to avoid discomfort, anesthesia, or pain killer is given one hour before the treatment. If the general anesthesia is given, the patient remains asleep during the complete procedure. At Vansh test tube and IVF clinic, proper counseling is given to the patient before the procedure.

What Are The Complications Of Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a safe procedure and complications not happened if performed by experienced surgeons. But like every surgery, there are some small risks in this process too, such as bleeding, fluid overload, infections, Anesthetic complications, etc. Hysteroscopy is not recommended when if you are pregnant. At, Vansh test tube clinic, we have a team of professional surgeons who ensure that you get the optimum results after surgery.