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Transvaginal Sonography

Transvaginal Sonography

What Is Transvaginal Sonography?

Transvaginal sonography, also known as endovaginal ultrasound, is one of the widely used procedures which is performed by doctors to examine internal organs in the pelvic region. Like X-rays, Transvaginal Sonography ultrasound techniques do not use radiation. It clearly means that there are no harmful or side effects on the body of the patient. At Vansh test tube IVF center, we have a team of expert who uses the best equipment and follows International standards while doing Transvaginal Sonography.

TVS (Transvaginal Sonography) technique allows doctors to get much more detailed images of organs in the pelvis, specifically the uterus when compared to the general ultrasound scanning technique.

When A Transvaginal Ultrasound Is Necessary?

Many people picturise a transabdominal ultrasound when they hear the word ultrasound. However, transabdominal ultrasound can also provide the information your abdominal organs but this technique is unable to provide detailed pictures of the organ. In some medical conditions, like endometriosis, doctors need high-quality images to examine the organ which is only possible with the help of Transvaginal Sonography. 

Transvaginal Sonography is completely an internal examination where the doctor inserts transducer into the female vagina to get detailed and high-quality images of the organs of the pelvic region. Generally, Transvaginal Sonography is performed to check for a condition that may create problems in pregnancy such as ovarian cysts or tumors, fibroids, polyps, etc. Doctors may also advise transvaginal sonography to pregnant women because it is helpful in:

  • examine the heartbeat of the fetus
  • assuming the condition of the placenta
  • condition the ectopic pregnancy
  • monitoring pregnancies with higher miscarriage risk

How Transvaginal Sonography Is Performed?

The doctor or Sonography technician will insert a probe inside the vagina. The probe is lubricated with gel so that the patient not feels uncomfortable. The probe record reflections of waves by transmitting sound waves and the sonography machine makes an image of the organ. The created image is displayed on the Sonography machine and the patient may also see the image. The probe will be gently moved around the pelvic area to see the organs.

At Vansh test tube IVF clinic, we have expert doctors and ultrasound technicians who ensure proper hygiene and care while performing the Transvaginal Sonography test. On the basis of the result, we provide proper diagnosis and treatment related to infertility or problem in pregnancy.