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Every woman wants to be a mother and cherish the motherhood experience. However, it is unfortunate that some women can’t give birth to their baby because of some physiological conditions. But the aspiration of being a mother leads them to find an alternative option. In the present time, Surrogacy is the best viable alternative for them to have their baby. At Vansh test tube and IVF clinic, we offer the best surrogacy arrangements in Patna, Bihar.

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy has given hope to infertile couples, who want to have their child through fertility techniques such as IVF, egg donation, or embryo transfer with the help of a surrogate. As per the ART (Artificial Reproductive Technique), Surrogacy is a legal arrangement where a woman agrees to pregnancy for another person. In this process, pregnancy is achieved with the help of reproductive technology, in which gametes doesn't belong to her or her male partner. In this agreement, the surrogate mother has to hand over the child to the couples for whom she is bearing the baby.

Single parents or couples who are married for more than two years but don't have a baby can go for Surrogacy. As per the Indian ART law, the baby born with the surrogacy process must be genetically related to one of the parents who have agreed for the surrogacy. So if you are a single parent, you must have to be fertile to contribute the gametes.

Finding A Surrogate

There are different ways to find a surrogate mother. Some couple asks a relative or friend to be surrogate for them. To avoid controversy, many people don’t approach their close ones for surrogacy. In such a case, a surrogacy agency should be a better option for them because such an agency agrees to not disclose the process to anyone. At Vansh test tube and IVF clinic, we are capable to arrange gestational surrogates for you.

We act as a go-between and help couples find a suitable surrogate for them. We will make every arrangement for you and help you with every step of your life to create your family. Being one of the best surrogacy agencies in Patna, Bihar, we help infertile couples to feel the joy of holding their baby in their arms.