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Sperm & Embryo Banking

Sperm And Embryo Banking

What Is Sperm And Embryo Banking?

At Vansh test tube and IVF clinic, we provide sperm and embryo banking for couples who are getting infertility treatment or who may face infertility due to upcoming medical or surgical treatment. It will help such couples to fulfill their dream of having a baby once their infertility treatment is complete.

What Is Sperm Banking?

Sperm banking is a service that offers the facility of collecting and storing sperm, acquired from the male partner or sperm donors. Couples who are preparing for IVF treatment will need to store the sperm sample before the treatment process. Sometimes people want to freeze sperm due to military service, cancer therapy, occupational risks, or some other reason. There are no long terms effects found in babies who have been born from the frozen semen. There are many couples who are having problems in achieving pregnancy had successfully conceived with sperm that has been frozen in the sperm bank of Vansh test tube center.

In some cases, the male partner has no or low sperm count due to different reasons. In such a situation, donor sperm may be a solution for such couples. At Vansh test tube IVF clinic in Patna, we have a large sperm donor bank. We carefully screen our sperm donors and check their medical history before collecting semen. We freeze sperm in our lab and quarantined before use. Our doctor encourages you and provides counseling before you make any decision.

What Is Embryo Banking?

The process of freezing embryos for future use is known as Embryo banking. This service provides a solution for old age females or females having infertility problems to achieve pregnancy. In this process, several IVF (In-vitro fertilization) sessions are included and then the embryos are freeze for future dispensation. Embryo banking allows elective melting of more than one embryo at a time in future FET cycles.

Embryo banking facility also decreases the risk of embryo or egg declining over time. In IVF centers such as Vansh test tube clinic, doctors use the frozen embryo transfer process because it gives a better IVF success rate in comparison to fresh embryos transfer. Women who are going for cancer treatment can use an embryo banking facility at Vansh IVF center before the beginning of the treatment.

Make an appointment today with our fertility expert to discuss your needs and to find out how sperm or embryo banking can help you in family building.