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Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

What Is Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

Many couples are facing issues with the pregnancy and almost half of the cases are related to male infertility. For successful fertilization and embryo development, the probity of genetic material is important in the sperm. Sperm DNA fragmentation is a procedure that is used to find out unusual genetic material in sperm, which usually leads to male infertility, IVF failure, and miscarriage. Vansh test tube and IVF clinic in Patna provide the facility of the Sperm DNA fragmentation test, which helps us to treat infertility related to the male partner.

Reasons For Sperm DNA Fragmentation

The main reason behind sperm DNA fragmentation is oxidative stress which is because of increased reactive oxygen species. Other factors include deficiencies in chromatin package of sperm and irregularities in automated cell demise which is necessary for regulating sperm generation. In men, oxidative stress may be associated with one or more than one of the following condition:

  • High testicular temperature
  • Stress, smoking or alcohol
  • Industrial or environmental pollutants
  • Infection, Pyrexia, Varicocele

Benefits Of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

Normally, a couple achieves healthier pregnancies if the male partner has sperm with fragmented DNA. At Vansh test tube and IVF clinic, we recommend the Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test because of its advantages which include:

  • Provides a reliable and analysis of DNA integrity in sperm which is useful to identify those males who are at subfertility risk
  • Gives information which helps in diagnosis, management and treatment of infertility in the male partner
  • Gives qualitative values in assessing the results of assisted conception treatment.

The test provides a reliable report for sperm DNA fragmentation integrity which helps doctors to find out men who are susceptible to fail to start ongoing pregnancy. Such details also aid in diagnosing and giving therapy of male infertility. Besides, enhanced levels of DNA fragmentation in sperm also allow the doctors whether sperm donation is suitable or not.

At Vansh test tube and IVF clinic in Patna, we perform sperm DNA fragmentation using advanced pieces of equipment and under the guidance of professionals. The test also helps couples to decide about the treatment which they need to conceive.